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Female Presidential Candidates,Sarah and Michelle, are Interviewed on MEET THE DRESS
May 31, 2011 10:29 PM PDT
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Tom Rather interviews Presidential hopefuls, Sarah from Alaska, and Michelle from Minnesota.

Who the F*** Invented Time...or the Measurement of Time???
August 15, 2010 07:33 PM PDT
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Apparent solar time is the time based directly on the Sun's position in the sky. In ordinary life the day runs from midnight to midnight. It begins when the Sun is invisible by being 12 hours from its zenith. Astronomers use the so-called Julian Day, which runs from noon to noon; the concept was invented by the astronomer Joseph Scaliger, who named it after his father, Julius. To avoid the problems caused by leap-year days and so forth, Scaliger picked a conveniently remote date in the past (4713 B.C.) and suggested just counting days without regard to weeks, months, and years. The reason for having the Julian Day run from noon to noon is the practical one that astronomical observations usually extend across the midnight hour, which would require a change in date if the astronomical day, like the civil day, ran from midnight to midnight.

Mean solar time, rather than apparent solar time, is the basis for local civil and standard time. The mean solar time is based on the position of a fictitious “mean sun.” The reason why this fictitious sun has to be introduced is the following: Earth turns on its axis regularly; it needs the same number of seconds regardless of the season. But the movement of Earth around the Sun is not regular because Earth's orbit is an ellipse. This has the result that Earth moves faster in January and slower in July. Though it is Earth that changes velocity, it looks to us as if the Sun does. In January, when Earth moves faster, the apparent movement of the Sun looks faster. The mean sun of time measurements, then, is a sun that moves regularly all year round; the real Sun will be either ahead of or behind the mean sun. The difference between the real Sun and the fictitious mean sun is called the equation of time.

Time zones. But if all clocks were actually set by mean solar time we would be plagued by a welter of time differences that would be “correct” but a major nuisance. A clock on Long Island, correctly showing mean solar time for its location (this would be local civil time), would be slightly ahead of a clock in Newark, N.J. The Newark clock would be slightly ahead of a clock in Trenton, N.J., which, in turn, would be ahead of a clock in Philadelphia. This condition prevailed until 1884, when a system of standard time was adopted by the International Meridian Conference. Earth's surface was divided into 24 zones. The standard time of each zone is the mean astronomical time of one of 24 meridians, 15 degrees apart, beginning at the Greenwich, England, meridian and extending east and west around the globe to the International Date Line

Dollars, Lunatics, Tea and Sex
October 09, 2009 09:14 AM PDT
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Topics include:

The lunatic fringe
Dollars circling the drain
Good things about the French
"Dead Peasant insurance"
Hoping for Hope
More Tea party insanity
& Sarah Palin's Sex Doll article

Town Hall Nonsense and the End of the World, 2012
September 05, 2009 08:46 PM PDT
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Discussions on town hall meeting nonsense, Limburger Limbaugh, the Institute of Human Continuity and the end of the World 2012 and a blog slam on Ted Kennedy.

Visit Buns and Barbs Blog at http://bunsandbarbs.blogspot.com

The REAL "Death Panel," Sarah.....
August 11, 2009 01:53 PM PDT
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A sort of rebuttal to Sarah Palin and those like-minded.

Healthcare in America - Have Mercy!

Healthcare should be a Constitutional right. Every American deserves access to the health care system, but unfortunately, the system is broken. We need a system based on mercy as opposed to income. In a country founded on equality, created by revolutionaries who sought to break the ties that bind, we are denying our own a sacred right, the right to life. Income should not be equated with right to life. With medical care prices soaring, only the privileged few can afford such a luxury, the privileged few being those with jobs whose corporations are farsighted enough to provide health insurance. You don't have to sacrifice anything but some compassion. Haven't we advanced far enough as a society to show some respect, some human kindness, some brotherly love for our fellow Americans. A line from the Merchant of Venice comes to mind as Portia fights so valiantly in a courtroom.

The quality of mercy is not strain'd,
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.

Be blessed. Be giving.

Talk Soup
July 24, 2009 11:31 PM PDT
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Topics include: Sarah Palin, Walter Cronkite, a Crazy renter, Healthcare reform, Professor Gates, traffic tickets, Autobahn pile up, Obama gaffe and apology, Rush Limbaugh, "Race card," and freon thief.

Tornado Damage and Michael Jackson
July 08, 2009 10:07 AM PDT
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Tornado damage,insurance fraud, guns and small town America, Sarah Palin, Gaffney serial killer and Michael Jackson hooplah.

Bill O'Reilly, FOX,The blame game,Credit card scam....
June 21, 2009 11:57 PM PDT
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Iran, Bush enters the Blame Game, political word spin, Bill O'Reilly, FOX "News," living on an "unreal plane," "No one has it easy" theory, credit card tricks and scams, Fema corruption.....

Dick Cheney and the Magical History Tour
May 12, 2009 01:09 PM PDT
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Topics include Dick Cheney and the Magical History Tour, blowhard Limbaugh,Oxycontin, torture, Arlen Specter, Joe the Plumber, credit card abuse and Obama talking but not walking.

Tea Bagging Republicans
April 18, 2009 08:16 AM PDT
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Where were the "tea baggers" under Bush? Oh, that's right, he gave the rich tax cuts and deregulation while the middle class became poor!

..end of the Obama honeymoon, redneck tea drinkers, idea for a real tea party to stimulate the economy, duped poor people helping out the rich, internet heaven, pirates, Afghanistan, Al Franken, tea but no crumpets, tidbit of beauty and bestiality...

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